Queen Sized Woman madly in <3 with herself! Tattooed. Redhead. Always a lady, unless asked to be otherwise.
Recovering from cancer - be kind to me, cos sometimes, when in pain I can post stupid things....but don't take me too seriously, I may reblog something I'm not feeling at the moment, just because I liked it.....feel free to ask me whatever you want.
Just a ssbbw who loves being fat, <3 food and being fed.

"Eu sou mansa mas minha função de viver é feroz."
Clarice Lispector








PERSON: How are you?

ME: There is trouble in the Kingdom.

Anônimo perguntou
Olá Gordivah. Adorei seu tumblr. Além de linda parece ser uma BBW de atitude! Quando seus seguidores poderão ver uma foto da sua barriga?

Obrigadinha. Ahm…eles não parecem estar interessados em fotos de minha barriga não sabe? Nem meus selfies eles apreciam muito…. Acho que eles não me acham bonita não….mas obrigada mesmo assim ;)

To My Followers

So… I’ve been feeling very depressed this week and though I’m really sad right now I decided to spread some love instead of crying here all alone while the fever melts my brain. I would like to thank my followers for all the support you give me. For making me feel beautiful, loved and funny sometimes. Thx for all the reblogs, for liking my selfies and asking me stuff. You don’t know how magic tumblr can be sometimes. I’ve broken my heart here and also here I found some glue…with luck I’ll fix it again someday… Thanks to you guys, today I won’t give up.
I love you all! =) ♥